The story

We have more than 10 years experience in apparel industry Sri Lanka. Each geared to deliver world class standards of service excellence with every item that is produced. Our design concepts are created by our product designers and then implemented by the our team. Each product goes through a multi stage manufacturing process before reaching the customer. Throughout this process, every item is subject to rigorous and exacting quality control checks that conform to global standards. At the end of each season, performance is assessed, customer feedback gathered and improvements are put into operation and the cycle begins all over again.

We believe in adhering to the highest ethical standards of business, constantly seeking new ways in which to create value and establish long term relationships with our customers through inspiring design, flawless products and nonparallel service. We also strive to make a positive contribution in the communities where we conduct our business. Above all, we process a collective belief in our integrity and our uncompromising quality.